Der Startschuss ist gefallen

Wir sind stolz und freuen uns, dass unsere Schule im Schuljahr 2019/20 die Möglichkeit hat, an einem Erasmus+ Projekt teilzunehmen.

Was kann man sich darunter vorstellen? Erasmus+ Projekte werden von der Europäischen Kultusministerkonferenz gefördert und dienen dazu, europaweite, internationale Schulfreundschaften zu initiieren. Dabei finden sich Schulen aus verschiedenen Ländern zusammen und arbeiten für ein Jahr oder auch länger gemeinsam an einem Projekt. Die Projekte wählen sich die Schulen selbst. Sie haben alle mit dem europäischen Gemeinschaftsgedanken zu tun und werden vor ihrer Bewilligung eingehend von einer Kommission auf Qualität und Eignung geprüft. Dabei wird auf Nachhaltigkeit und Relevanz geachtet.

Bei Erasmus+ Projekten ist vorgesehen, dass die teilnehmenden Schülerinnen und Schüler sich gegenseitig besuchen und dann jeweils vor Ort an ihrem Projekt weiterarbeiten. Alle Reisekosten und weitere finanzielle Auslagen werden von der Kultusministerkonferenz übernommen. Zwischen den Besuchen arbeitet jede Gruppe in ihrem Heimatort weiter an dem Projekt und bereitet sich auf vielfältige Art auf die jeweilige Auslandsreise vor. Verbindende Sprache wird für alle Teilnehmer Englisch sein.


Unser Erasmus+ Projekt

Bei unserem Projekt schauen die teilnehmenden Schulen auf die Entwicklung der Demokratie in ihren Heimatländern. Der Titel lautet „Education, where democracy gets its VoicE“, wobei das Wort „VoicE“als Akronym für „Various opportunities influence critical Europeans“steht. Unsere Partnerschulen sind das „INSTITUTO DE EDUCACIÓN SECUNDARIA  JUAN CARLOS I“ in Murcia in Südspanien und das „GO! atheneum Erasmus De Pinte“ in De Pinte in Belgien. Bereits im Oktober werden uns sechs Schüler aus Murcia und sechs aus De Pinte besuchen und hier bei ihren Gastfamilien wohnen. Im Januar werden dann sechs Schüler unserer Schule nach Murcia und im April sechs weitere Schüler nach De Pinte reisen. Begleitet werden sie von Lehrern. Somit kommen zwölf SchülerInnen der Plochinger Realschule in den Genuss, Teilnehmer an diesem Projekt zu sein.

Für die Plochinger Realschule ist es das erste Erasmus+ Projekt und wir freuen uns sehr darauf. Auf unserer Schulhomepage werden wir regelmäßig darüber berichten.


Second stage of the project: Spain

On Saturday, the 25th of January it has started the second exchange in Spain. The host families picked their matches at Alicante airport and they drove to Murcia where all the activities in this exchange will take place.

On Sunday, all participants went to the hills were they had a picnic and they could do some sports and hiking.

The first hours were charming and a great mood emanates from it.


Searching for the Roman legacy

We visited the harbour town Cartagena. It was very interesting to explore this historic town. An English speaking guide gave us much information. One of the sights was the town hall with its impressive conference room. Another highlight was the historic theatre, where we learned a lot about the Roman social system and compared it with our modern democratic society.



To give all the participants some good insight in the work of a students’ council the Germans hosted the Spanish and Belgium guests at the beginning of the project. There the headboys gave them a lot of information, talked about best practice ideas and answered their questions. In order to be able to discuss these things the students had had some additional preparatory language lessons in advance. In Germany the participants did some online research and filled in a timeline about the last 100 years with a focus on the development of democracy in the country. Furthermore the group visited some places in the nearby town Esslingen, which were connected with its Nazi past. On another day they visited the birth house of Friedrich Ebert in Heidelberg, one of the founding fathers of democracy in Germany.


International Parents` board meeting and visit to an iconic company showroom

To end up our week of activities, an international parents’ board meeting took place in Realschule Plochingen. The local member and the Spanish talked about the role of parents in each school: how the get the budget, what activities they promote and the relationship between parents and teachers.

In the meanwhile, Mr. Eltermann organized a meeting with all students to get a feedback from the whole week. The general mood was quite positive and they would take part again in an Erasmus exchange for sure.

In the afternoon, a tour in the Mercedes museum was the final action to see the print in historyvof an iconic German industry.


This is not a good-bye, it`s a see you soon

Last day before going back home. Our host organized a lovely evening at the ice rink and all the student met at a restaurant in order to enjoy their last supper.

We will meet again in Spain in January. All participants were an active part of great events and we will continue with project in Spain.



What does democracy means to you?

The two actions our students took part today was an online research about Democracy followed by a brainstorm about this concept. After getting some conclussions, we move to Esslingen (15 km away) where we followed walking tour about the terrified times during the holocaust. We searched a «stumbled stones» route along the city ending at the Jew cemetery. That gave us conciousness about the dangers of losing our rights in democracy.



Witness of democracy

Today our participants were hosted by the Mayor of Plochingen. They got a lecture of the basic role of Democracy and the Mayor highlightted the importance of erradicate borders in Europe. After this event, we moved for a historical tour in town. Once we finished we moved to Realschule Plochingen where the local students’ council showed the participant they actions they make in the institution.


Roll of the press

In the afternoon, we moved to the Esslinger Zeitung where we were hosted by the editor who showed us how a newspaper is created and he gave a small speech about the importance of the free press. It was an extraordinary visit and we could get our picture in the front page as a nice present.


Building Tolerance

Today we have started working on a mosaic. In teams we created our own smaller parts of a bigger piece. Each part will in the end be put together to a «Column of Tolerance» to remain in the school yard of our German hosts.

During the week the whole group also worked on a «Column of Tolerance», where all the participants contributed to a mosaic. The first idea was that there should be a Spanish, a Belgium, a German and a «VKL» side of this square shaped column («VKL» is an abbreviation of «Vorbereitungsklasse» and stands for a special class at the German school, where students from different foreign countries learn German and take first steps to become integrated in German society). But as the international guests had already made friends with their German hosts the previous days we had mixed international teams, which was all the more ideal as it was a perfect example for growing together and showing this particular aspect of tolerance and democracy. As the German hosts had given folders to each participating student, they could file the printed 100-year-timeline in them, as well as all the other information they got during their guided tours. A regular school day together with their German hosts ended this exciting week in Germany for all the guests. The «Column of Tolerance» will be set up in the yard of the new school building, where the German school has moved to at the beginning of this new school year.


Herzlich willkommen

It’s a great moment for our project. Today all the Erasmus + students of our project are already in Plochingen (Germany) for the first. They met all their respective partners and they started to mingle and shared exciting moments.

We expect the next days will be the best and they will take home an unforgettable moments. ENJOY!!

Good arrival in Plochingen

The participants are already in Plochingen (Germany). They were picked up at the airport and at the train station by their host families and they could start meeting each other. These days were a great starting point for a lovely week.

Students got to know the local hobbies and they shared barbacues and football matches. They look very excited about the upcoming week.


New preparatory visit

From the 5th to the 8th of September, the responsible of the Erasmus + KA229 met in Murcia to ultimate some details to start running project.

Teachers got the chance to go deeper in basic lines like budget, participants and schedule during the exchanges.

After the meetings, they enjoyed the time visiting the Cathedral of Murcia and traveling to Cartagena where there are traces of different cultures along history (romans remains, Neoclassic buildings and colonial architecture).


Preparatory visit for the project

Last 30th of May, Peter Eltermann from Realschle Plochingen (Germany) travelled to Murcia to get to know IES Juan Carlos I. This trip is included in the preparation of a Erasmus + project KA229 that will involved three schools from Germany, Belgium and Spain. During the school year 2019-2020, there will be three exchanges with students among the educational institutions.

Along the days he was in Spain, we had meetings with some members of the Spanish school who are involved in different Erasmus. In the picture appears Peter Eltermann and Aurelio García (IES Juan Carlos I Headmaster).

This experience lead Peter to some feedback that will be used in the future stages of the project. He came to some lessons and he got to know some details of the management of the school. Besides, the meetings were very helpful to determine some details of the future project.

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